Regulador Maximizador MPPT Poweramp 60A


ystem voltage: 12V/24/36/48V Auto

No-load loss: 0.7 W to 1.2W

Battery voltage: 9V to 70V

Max. solar input voltage: 150V (25°C), 145V (-25°C)

Max. power point voltage range Battery voltage: +2V to 120V

Rated charging current: 60A

Rated load current: 20A

Max. capacitive load capacity: 10000uF

Max. photovoltaic system input power: 800W/ 12V, 1600W/ 24V, 2400W/ 36V, 3200W/ 48V

Conversion efficiency: ≤ 98%

MPPT tracking efficiency:  99%

Temperature compensation factor: -3.0mv/ °C/ 2V (default)

Operating temperature: -35°C to +45℃

Protection degree: IP32

Weight: 3.6kg

Communication method: RS232, RS485

Altitude: ≤ 3000m

Product dimensions:  285*205*93mm

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